Stage plan / layout of musicians

Instrument layout 3


The film will be screened from DVD

Aspect ratio      1.33 : 1

The performance features 16 musicians who will require seating.

Two technicians will tour with the company to liaise with the in-house technical staff


We are happy to project onto cinema screens. Alternatively, we can use a 14 foot by 10 foot fast-fold projection screen.

The musicians will be seated in front of the screen in two divided sections as outlined in the diagram above.

The performance requires a 6000 Lumen projector with suitable lens

Rear projection is the preference.  Please advise us if you foresee this being an issue and if specialist equipment may be needed


Sound Affairs will need access to in-house dimming systems and lantern stock. ‘The company will tour with its own gel stock

A complete LX plan will be sent to each venue as soon as possible

Sound Affairs will be touring with its own LX desk

Sound Affairs will provide lit music stands and cable for the production

Smoke or Haze will be used in this production. The machine will be toured by Sound Affairs

Dressing Rooms:

Access to secure dressing rooms would be preferred

Get-in / get-out:

Load in time: 10 am on the day of performance. Exact get in times to be confirmed before the day of performance

Please provide 2 technicians to assist with load in, setting up and get out


Parking for van, minibus and/or cars will be required